Thursday, January 17, 2013

Great Expectations

Day 13
Prompt from Think Kit by SmallBox: Listening - when was the last time you listened to someone, where, why?

Okay, I am a little behind.  It is January 17th and I am only on day 13 of the December Think Kit challenge.  I was stressing about it for awhile.  Until Andy reminded me that this blog is something that I want to do and not an assignment that I am procrastinating in finishing.  So, while I did not blog everyday in the December, I may still use the Think Kit days on occasion to get me, for example, the one listed above...

Ramona's vocabulary is growing by the minute.  And while Andy and I joke that we might be the only ones who speak the dialect at the moment, she is really amazing in how much she can communicate.  It has made me think about how much has changed in four and a half months time.

Before Miles was born at the end of August, all my energy was focused on Ramona.  Every activity I selected was custom fit to what she would want to do, and the two of us did everything from naps to outings as a unit.  And then she became a big sister and I became a mother of two.

Ramona came to the hospital with my mom and dad to meet Miles just a couple hours after he was born.  Andy went to the waiting room and got her, and she was the first person to meet our little guy.  Our thought was that our little family of four would have a moment alone before grandparents, aunts, great grandparents, friends, etc. got in on the fun.

When Ramona walked in, I couldn't believe how big she looked and how heavy she felt when I picked her up.  I had just been with her a couple hours earlier, but it seemed like she had transformed from a baby to a kid overnight.  She was not very interested with me, Andy, or Miles..we had bought her her first baby doll with a stroller and gave it to her on that first visit.  My parents and Andy's parents later confirmed that all she did the three days we were at the hospital was take her "baby" for walks.

At home, Ramona became much more interested in her new brother.  She also decided that her "dada" was her parent of choice.  She wanted Andy to change her diapers, give her a bath, read her bedtime story.  She had very little time for me.  It felt like Miles was my kiddo and Ramona was Andy's.

She wasn't the only one who changed though.  From our first day home, I found myself saying things like "Ramona, you need to be patient," "Ramona, are you listening?," "Ramona, you need to obey Mama."  Patience, listen, obey...concepts that we never discussed prior to Miles that for some reason I thought she should just be able to master overnight.

Okay, maybe I am being too hard on myself...not that I thought she "should be able to master overnight" but concepts that I "needed her to master...and soon."

She, as the independent spirit she is, has responded to this in amazing ways.  She has become more independent...wanting to put on her own shoes, pick out her own outfits, walk without holding my hand.  She has welcomed Miles into her routines...allowing him to bathe with her, helping change his diapers, reading books on my lap while I nurse him.  And she is communicating and sharing her wants, needs, and personality with us through her new found love of words.  Sure she sometimes whines or throws little fits, but for the most part she has accepted the challenge that we don't have as much time to guess what is going on with her and she figures out how to get our attention and make herself clear.

She now tells us to "watch" when she jumps into the foam pit at gymnastics open gym, requests "ma (milk) no (not) wa (water)," tells us of her love for all things "Elmo," "Abby Dabby (Cadabby)," and "Minnie....Mouse."

She is talking, and I am listening.

Friday, January 4, 2013

We Were Young Once

Dear Future Grown Up Children,
Your parents have not always been the slow moving, gray haired, grouchy old people you know and love today...(I am assuming this will be how our kids will see Andy and I in their teen years)...we were young once.  And I can prove it.

Starting in 2006, I have planned several New Year's Eve shindigs at The Elbow Room, a downtown Indy restaurant and bar.  It always surprises me that they keep letting me do it! Things get broken, people get punched, there are tears...and vomit, but what do you expect will happen when 20 something's pay $50 to drink their fill for 5 hours?

Well, I am not a 20 something anymore, and while the group this year was made up of more of my sisters' friends then my own...I had a really good time! I even took more shots than Andy (which means I took two and he took one...I know...we are crazy, right?)

Andy documented Ryan C. And I's tradition of doing tequila shots (the bar's cheapest in quality and cheapest in price tequila mind you). I would have to say that this one was slightly better then the one we had at the Claddagh.

Now, I am a firm believer that you don't have to alcohol to have a good time, but it was really fun to be tipsy with my husband after not having the opportunity in a long time! We laughed, we ate food at a ridiculous hour, we rode in a "needed" cab. It felt like our pre-babies and pre-mortgage days. It was nice! It reminded me of why I picked this silly guy in the first place! And yes there was tequila involved in that story too...

Happy New Years, friends!