Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Blowin It Up

So Miles just had a blow out.  These are not uncommon, but since starting food they are definitely more frequent.  He should be napping, but instead he was sitting on my lap while I try to do a couple minutes of work.  I noticed the silence, realized the lack of movement, then heard the gush.  It immediately went up the back of the diaper and I could see it had soaked through his onesie.  So upstairs we go, where I put on his second outfit of the day.  I just got back downstairs and I realized that I felt some wetness on my sleeve...all the sudden realizing that the leakage had also made its way onto my sweater.  My first thought, "oh, once it dries you won't be able to tell...no need to change."  My second thought, "oh man...what have I become."  

*Above picture is from another blow out moment when we were not at home, I did not have an extra outfit, and he had to make the trip back to the house sans pants.

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