Thursday, December 20, 2012

A New Do

Day 12
Prompt from Think Kit by SmallBox: Try something totally different.  Have something for lunch or dinner you don't normally eat.  Make up a new recipe.  What did you come up with?

When I met Andy he had the longest hair and the fluffiest beard of any man I have ever known.  That was more than six years ago, and other than a couple of trims, not much has changed.  When we were getting married someone asked me if I was going to make Andy cut his hair and shave his beard for the big day.  I remember thinking, "this is the man I fell in love with.  Why would I want him to look completely different on the biggest day of our lives together?"

So, I was pretty surprised when Andy came home last week and told me that he wanted to cut off his hair.  He even had a picture of the style he was thinking of.  I was nervous...really nervous.  He scheduled an appointment at Geneva Hair Studio, and as the day neared I tried to prepare myself.

What if I didn't like it?  What if he didn't like?  How would people react?  Would people think I "made" him do it?  What would Ramona think?

It surprised me how quickly I got used to his new look.  After about a day, I stopped doing double takes when I saw him out of the corner of my eye.  I have always felt like he was an extremely handsome man, and that has not changed, but it certainly is trying something new.

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  1. I'm excited for Andy's new "do." I'm also glad you expressed being nervous that people would think you "made" him do it. Shortly after our wedding, Paul decided to grow out his hair (after having buzzed it short since he was 15). I didn't think it was a big deal until nearly everyone that noticed his new "do" followed it up with the comment "Did Susan make you grow your hair out?" One day he forgot to put his earrings in before we went to a gathering and it turned into "Did Susan make you take your earrings out??" Can our husbands not make decisions about their appearance on their own? LOL