Monday, December 3, 2012

Make New Friends, But Keep The Old

Day 3
Prompt from Think Kit by SmallBox: If you could meet someone new in 2013, who would it be?  Or would you rather spend time with someone you already know?

Playgroup Pic

I am not good at meeting new people.  Several people have said that they are surprised when I say something like this.  But it is definitely the truth!  Once I know someone, I am fine with starting chats, but the idea of networking or going up and introducing myself makes me a nervous wreck.  I get extremely self conscious and worry whether someone new will think I am worth getting to know...even when I tell myself that this is silly.  I also feel like I have super awkward conversations/interactions with people until I really get to know them.  If this has happened with you...I'm sorry!

My other issue is that I am not good with keeping up with the people I meet.  I have lost touch with some of my favorite people over the years because I am not someone who remembers birthdays, calls someone up to talk on the phone, or goes out of my way to make plans.  

These things bother me about myself...I wish I was better at meeting new people, but I think I am improving.  My secret is that kids are the perfect excuse to make new grown up friends.  

I have always had far more male friends than female friends.  However, since becoming a mom, I now have a group of fellow mamas that I have, happily, stumbled upon and become a part of.  These are women who I  can call to go on our morning adventures and who I sit and talk with on Friday mornings at Little Flower's Playgroup.  We swap mostly stories about our children, but, let's face it, they are my best subject matter these days.

These relationships are truly blessings in my world.  They make me a happier person, a better mama, and a better wife.  Because while I struggle with friendships, I am definitely a social person...and not having an adult conversation for an entire day is just not my cup of tea.


  1. I've really enjoyed meeting you! I totally get the social person/shy person mix. Kids can be a great ice breaker, though.

    Kate G.

  2. I really like this post. It can be hard to meet new people, but it has been so much fun getting to know you! Sorry I have been MIA lately, but I hope we can catch up again soon. :)